The Sweet & Delicate Ring - Sterling Silver

The Sweet & Delicate Ring - Sterling Silver

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May this ring soothe your sweet heart. With its soft sweet dainty nature, let it inspire you to be soft and sweet with your thoughts, your body and your mind. Let it remind you of your soft sweet nature even in times of scarcity and doubt. Reminding you that they are only illusions of the mind and have no bearing on what you can create or call in to your life. Let the soft sweet dainty essence soften your heart space and allow you to sink in to yourself and the present moment.


The Essence: Sweetness, soft, being true 

Size:: 6 / M /

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Cleansing Ritual

Creating sacred ritual is a personal and powerful way to infuse your intention into your ring. Once your receive your ring, cleanse with white sage or leave out under the direct moon light or sunshine; then wash clean in salt water. Then take a peaceful moment to hold your ring close to your heart & close your eyes, and simply ask for the ring to be filled with your desired intention. For example, if your heart is feeling heavy and in need of support, you may repeat – please infuse this ring with pure love, compassion and grace to support me during this time. Then slide it onto your finger and feel the love. 

Please note, all rings are individually sourced and hand made and therefore may not be ‘perfect’, but it is their uniqueness I know you will love. All rings are 100% Sterling Silver.