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how do we understand the modern era?by Understanding our own Intimacy Code

In this Modern World we are bombarded with overly sexualised messages daily. There is hardly anywhere for us to really sit down and get clear on what a healthy association to sex is. When we are clear in what we want and what our preferences are, the more likely we are to stick to them and feel settled within ourselves. Having a healthy relationship with our sexual and intimate selves is vital to having a healthy sex life that is filled with realistic expectations and the respect we deserve. As we grow our preferences may change but having a roadmap along our journey can empower us to move forward in a way that’s beneficial to us.  

lets do this together!

“Changing the way women approach their intimate and sexual relationships, with creating and getting clear with their own Intimacy Code”


 The Foundations of creating your own Intimate Code

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Learning and understanding the Modern Era and what has impacted you along the journey.

Learning and understanding the Era we live in, is vital, when it comes to knowing our sexual selves. Not only has society influenced our choices around sex and intimacy it has shaped the world in one way or another. Unpacking the myths and truths is such a important part of understanding your own sexual nature.

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Stepping into our own truth when it comes to our wants, needs and desires.

Stepping into your own sexual and intimate self requires courage, and it is our right of passage. Too many of us, have been taught to either not have sex or that it doesn’t matter too much. Picking sexual and intimate partners is a important part of your own sexual experiences. We need to embrace the complexity of this and learn with ease and grace.

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Unraveling particular beliefs around sexual and intimate relationships

What are your beliefs around being intimate and being sexual, too many of us hold old beliefs that are not ours.

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Focusing on value fuelled intimacy

Having intimate and sexual relationships inline with our values. No matter what.

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Dialing up Sexual Self Worth

Learning the keys to dialling up your sexual self worth, in order to appreciate what you have to offer.

We are bombarded daily with a unhealthy association to sex and intimacy, its time we learnt a new way to relate to it, that feels empowering.