My personal reminders to start a self nurturing 2018


Hi Beauties 


Welcome to 2018, Well done for getting through 2017 I know that it wasn't easy on a lot of people, it was a true year of unlearning and re learning. I am truly so excited for 2018, I feel like it is going to be a real compassionate year, it has a real stable grounding quality to it.

So I have decided to write about four words that help remind and ground me in what I am wanting to bring more of into 2018 and why I feel they are so important in my self love practice and overall well being for 2018. 

4 P's





To me having 4 words that I can ponder on everyday whilst I travel through 2018 (much like my rose quartz ring) is a beautiful anchor that helps me grow into more of the person I want to be in this world 2018.


Patience in my life coming together, patience in letting things unfold, patience in myself when I might not be going as fast as "I" expected and patience when other people might not be going as fast as I expect. Having little to no expectations and choosing patience over things "having to be done right now". This I have learnt does not only free up mental space but also lets us be more softer with ourselves and others. It lets us be more gentle with our life, understanding that there is no where to be & trusting ourselves and sometimes a bigger plan at play.  Learning patience is truly a lovely quality to practice. 


Persistence in what I am wanting, what I deserve, my internal goals, persistence in my life and my dreams. Having a "compassionate" persistence is really key when living a life that you really want because of course its not always going to be as easy, why I say "Compassionate Persistence" is that persistence can seem a bit of a harsh word sometimes, I can just imagine a strong man saying "YOU HAVE TO HAVE PERSITENCE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT" but practicing self care is about coming from a compassionate place. So having that persistence but not beating ourselves up when we get to a road block. There is going to be road blocks for sure or going to be things that we have to overcome for our growth so we can get to the next level.For example: You could be wanting to make more money from your business, so of course you will come across money issues, so having persistence in looking at those issues and moving forward and also being compassionate for when they might feel a bit scary or a bit hard and then doing it anyway. BUT being aware to come from a nurturing place instead of a blame or nasty place , pick yourself up nicely and say ok I can do this, I just need to re learn my money beliefs. It takes time but its so possible to come from a nurturing place and still have persistence.  


Experiencing pleasure, deep deep pleasure, having fun, being in my real self. Part of being in this life is experiencing deep pleasure and really experiencing it and enjoying it. Everyones pleasures are different. To me its about really enjoying my life and the activities that I do anything that bring me a lot of laughs and fun. My key is to really drop into the pleasure, because I know we can forget sometimes to really be in that moment and really relish in it and enjoy it. Like last night I was with one of my beautiful friends and we were being totally silly and laughing so much and I was so in the moment, I really relished in that and so thankful that I get to experience so much happiness by just being a bit silly sometimes. I want to nurture all the pleasure 2018 brings and really be present with it and ground in the knowledge that the more pleasure I have to more I am living in my true self. 


Peace in my thoughts, peace in my past, peace my home, peace for the world. I don't think we talk enough about true peace, peace to me is about grounding in on how you can bring peace to more parts of your life ( especially your internal life) and how doing that can bring peace to others around you and actually around the world. We are on this planet to really grow and nurture this beautiful world, well thats what I believe and when we can turn to peace within ourselves the more we then want to bring peace to the planet and others. I have seen that my view of the world changes when I am more peaceful with myself, the world seems softer and in turn I feel more like myself and feel more loving and happy to be here. 

I look forward to grounding into my 4 P's and bringing them into my life everyday this year. 

Maybe you might have 4 words that you can ground into, remind yourself of, this helps with coming into awareness of what you are wanting this year to be like for you. If you have a rose quartz ring, setting a intention with the 4 words you choose, so that when ever you look down at your ring, it is a beautiful reminder to come back to your 4 truths this year with compassion and love.   

I really wish you so much happiness, beautiful experiences, soulful connections and love this year


With love

Greer Alexandra 


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