When I loved myself enough...

Most people are constantly learning the fine art of loving themselves.

What I have learnt on my journey so far is, you can repeat all the affirmations in the world that you love yourself, but if you don’t continue to follow through with both inner and outer actions, you might not feel it deep down in your core and then wonder why the affirmations are not working.

I fell in love with this book that I was recently given, called When I Loved Myself Enough. It was beautiful, and resonated with me on a deep level. In the book, Kim McMillen emphasizes the actions she took when she loved herself enough, which was not only inspirational but soul-soothing.

When I would feel down in the dumps, I would read it and bask in the beautiful words presented.

On a highly emotional day, while journaling my hurt feelings over a situation that was out of my control, something I read in the book instantly calmed me down, and then it hit me, “Why not make my own list of when I loved myself enough, so that I could gently remind myself when I am off course in the self-love department?”

So that is exactly what I did, and it resulted in the following:

When I loved myself enough, I didn’t let my thoughts control me as much. Instead, I let my thoughts come and go without allowing them to exercise that power.

When I loved myself enough, I didn’t ponder over exes and how I could have done better in my past relationships. I let go and trusted they were there for a reason, and I don’t need to figure it out.

When I loved myself enough, I started believing in myself and went after my dreams.

When I loved myself enough, I stood up for myself even if it was painful at first.

When I loved myself enough, I gave myself a hug every day before I got out of bed.

When I loved myself enough, I told myself how lovely my hair was in the mirror every time before leaving the house.

When I loved myself enough, I spent time in meditation with, and thus connected with, my highest self more often.

When I loved myself enough, I stopped searching for love outside of me and created a garden of love inside that I could come to whenever I needed.

There were more that I had come up with, but this is how it started off. This exercise really comforted and inspired me. It kept me on track with my own self-love practice.

Why not make a list, so you can see what self-love means and looks like to you on a much deeper level? What will be the actions you will be taking to know you are loving yourself? They could be totally different from mine, so let your inner truth come out and surprise you.

Remember, loving yourself is an ongoing journey, and though it changes at different stages of your life, it only gets deeper and richer with time and patience.

Your self-love practice can ebb and flow, but with every heartbreak, every trial, every test, it grows stronger roots.

Please feel free to leave comments and share what you come up with.

With Love always

Greer xo

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