To the women going through change and transition

Keep your heart open

Keep it bright

Donโ€™t close

Keep opening it

Everything you are going through is preparing you for the life that is meant for you

Let yourself feel

Let yourself be messy

Let yourself express all your emotions

You will feel free and abundant in letting yourself feel

Let yourself feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable is the start of something amazing

You are getting out of your comfort zone

Starting a new story

Starting a new discovery

Release alll your worries to the sky above and ask to be shown a different way

Feel the energy surging up your spin tingling top of your head with all the ideas that are coming through to you - EMBRACE THEM and please oh please write those treasures down

You will ebb and flow, but the transition period doesn't have to be a fight, it can be a great dance in the right direction if you let it.

Please don't be hard on yourself, theres no winners line, there is only alignment to your soul and everyones soul alignment is different.

You will realize as you grow you are not the same person as you were a year ago, 1 month ago, a day ago , you keep changing, evolving and becoming.

Doesn't matter how long you take as long as you keep following that beautiful intent of your true alignment.

Let yourself have fun, let yourself ask for help if thats what you feel you need, because YOU KNOW.

Trust that at the end of the day you will do exactly what you are meant to do because it is destined, it is yours and you are here to grow my love, grow and evolve, please don't forget that.


With love always