3 ways I embrace the Art of Feeling

Feeling my feelings was definitely something I had to learn how to do.

I used to run away from my feelings as to me they were too deep & scary. I felt like I had a lot of pain, and I didn't understand this pain and plus being a highly sensitive soul, it could of been pain such as a break up with a friend at school, but because I held onto it so long it built up to a more intense feeling

I didn't know how to accesss it all until there was nothing else for me to do but feel. 

I then learnt to make friends with my feelings that I used to call "demons" and saw them as messengers to my own self love awakening, I saw them as story tellers and dream makers. helping me realise that there is more to life than holding onto hurt & frustration. Feeling feelings to me is like internal house keeping, you wouldn't want to live in a house full of trash externally so why would we internally. having too many hurts, pains can feel like we are living in a restricted tight world which lets face it is really uncomfy, when we start to feel, clear, release, accept things.We then feel free, we open up, we create and just like when our houses are clean, we host parties, we relax, we find it easier to be ourselves.

Ways I feel my feelings

1. Quiet Time: I dedicate quiet time to myself to really access the feeling part of me. I allow time to fully be with myself and the feeling I was feeling, without letting my mind over take with analysing it and bringing in a story instead,I feel that feeling. This can be done through meditation or just siting still with yourself. Letting yourself cry and being patient and caring with the process. This is part of letting your inner feminine express her inner child's needs and letting your inner masculine support you in the process. 

2. Journal:  Journalling your feelings is such a great process. There are so many different journaling practises, I find free writing so beneficial, so I can just write without judgement what is on my mind and everything I wanted to express without over analysing it. I don't put a censor on my writing either but let what ever needs to come out just come out. It helped me with not only clearing my mind but clearing stagnant energy that was held in me that I didn't know how to express. 

3. Womb Connection: Getting in connection with my my womb and the feelings accsiotated there can be intense and very healing for me. I kind of forgot about my womb centre and didn't realise how much resentment we can hold there, I started really focusing on it when I was bringing back my cycle, I would hold crystals on that part and deeply breathe in and relax. let what ever come up be there, I would support it and I would actually tell my womb that it was safe and I really cherished that part of my body. My period cycle did come back, not sure if this was the main reason but it did really help me tune into that true feminine part of myself.  

Now there is not correct way to feel,  you just have to be really patient,  if it starts to feel shitty for a bit let it feel shitty for that bit. let that feeling pass, I learnt emotions shift with time. 

to end this I like to look at feeling feelings like this, once you are acknowledging your feelings you are being there for part of yourself that you had abandoned, this will make you feel safe and nurtured and feel more in tune with you. its not a quick fix but an on going tune in, so that they don't build up and you won't need to distract yourself any more. You have given yourself the OK to be exactly with what comes up and accepting yourself and to me this is part of growth, part of awakening to a brave part of ourselves that has been waiting for us to say "I am here for you, this is ok and this will pass" 

I hope that this has helped 

love to hear anyway you feel your feelings, what works for you?

With Love