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Greer Alexandra Rings

I'm Greer Alexandra,

This brand was inspired by the journey to my own heart. Growing up, I found it extremely hard loving and accepting who I was, like most people in the world today, I felt a real sense of separation and isolation. 

When my health and self esteem hit rock bottom, there was only one way for me to go and that was up into my own heart. I began to delve deep into the concept of "self love" the more I read and learnt the more I knew that this was not going to be a quick fix but a journey that I knew I had to embark on. 

 This is when I came across the Rose Quartz stone & was fascinated by its meaning of opening to love, self trust and compassion. This is when I purchased my first ring and it became my anchor.  

The energy and qualities of the Rose Quartz became my safe space to land. Its soft, feminine presence became my anchor in times of anxiety, self-doubt and self discovery. Each time I would notice it on my hand it would offer a gentle reminder to breathe and connect to my own endless love, peace and nourishment.

It is said that the Rose Quartz speaks directly to the heart, and has the ability to reawaken ones love of thyself. My ring acts as a daily love infused reminder to practice love, compassion and tenderness with myself; it also continues to encourage me to align more and more with who I want to be on my journey.

Wearing my ring is an act of self-love.

& I want to share this with you.


About the Rose Quartz Rings

The Rose Quartz rings you see on this website are sourced and hand picked from around the world to support you.

Each ring is sustainably made with high quality Rose Quartz stone, most of the selection of the rings are made in India and are cared for deeply. Each ring is cleansed and infused with high intentions.  

My wish is you find a ring in the collection that speaks to you and each day when you catch a glimpse of it you are reminded of your own unique beauty and brilliance.

May your ring be an anchor back to your heart. 


Greer Alexandra